Frequently asked questions

What is the cancellation and refund policy and procedure?

It is easy to cancel your booking and claim refund. The booking deposit of ₹10,000 is 100% refundable. You can cancel the online booking and claim the refund anytime before entering into the final agreement by selecting the ‘Cancel Booking’ feature available at this website.

On submitting your request, you will receive confirmation of cancellation and the refund process will be initiated along with a reference number. The booking deposit will be refunded to your account within 30 days from date of refund request.

What are the available payment methods for online booking? How secure are these payments?

Payment options available are Debit / Credit Card (Visa/Master/Rupay), Net banking, UPI / UPI QR, Credit Cards (Amex, Dinners, Corporate, Commercial and International cards), Mobile wallets and Cash cards. The sensitive information collected during the payment process will remain secured. The organization providing the payment gateway is PCI certified.

Any other question or clarification

In case you did not find the answer to your questions above, we are happy to address the same. Please contact the local Otis office through the “Get in Touch” “Need additional help?” or “Contact Us” section available at this website.

Which Otis products are available for online booking?

Although Otis has a full range of elevator and escalator solutions available to fulfill all your needs, our online booking tool is currently only available for Gen3® Nova and Gen2® Prime orders. Please contact your Otis sales representative or email us at if you are interested in ordering other products or services

What is the application of Gen3® Nova?

The Gen3® Nova is designed for Mid Rise buildings with a maximum of 16 stops (ground floor + 15 floors) with an average of 3 meter floor to floor height. The Gen3® Nova is available from 5 Passenger (340 kgs) to 15 Passenger (1020 kgs) capacity specifications and with the speed of 1 meters per second. The Gen3 Nova is power by OTIS ONE IOT solutions and offers all the benefits of a Digital Platform. Rapid response, transparency of operations, proactive and predictive maintenance actions are a part of the value proposition that Gen3 Nova offers.

What is the application of Gen2® Prime?

The Gen2® Prime is designed for low rise residential buildings with a maximum of 6 stops (ground floor + 5 floors) with an average of 3 meter floor to floor height. The Gen2® Prime is available in 5 Passenger (340 kgs) and 6 Passenger (408 kgs) capacity specifications and with the speed of 0.7 meters per second.

What if my requirements are different from the standard specifications?

If your requirements are different, please contact Otis representatives by clicking on ‘Scheduling an Appointment' from the “Get in Touch” “Need additional help?” or “Contact Us” section of the website.

A local sales representative will connect with you to discuss solutions as soon as possible

Where is the elevator manufactured?

The Gen3® Nova and Gen2® Prime is are manufactured in the Otis facility in Jigani, Bengaluru. The state-of-the-art facility is certified Gold by the Indian Green Building Council. The factory manufactures products for all customer segments including residential, commercial and infrastructure with speeds up to 2.5 meters per second. Co-located with the factory is the Otis India R&D center (Lead design center-Bengaluru). The R&D center is equipped with a state-of-the-art testing facility including a test tower capable of testing elevators at speeds up to 3 mps.

Can I book the Gen3® Nova and Gen2® Prime elevator online?

You can book the Gen3® Nova and Gen2® Prime at your convenience, from anywhere and at anytime. The site is intended for you to have an online experience of Gen3® and Gen2® technology, configure your elevator, generate an indicative quotation, see the standard specifications and submit your requirement.

After you submit your Online Booking request, our sales representative will contact you for order finalization. You can book the Gen3® Nova and Gen2® Prime following your consultation with our sales representative.

What are the steps from online booking to purchase order finalisation? Needs the steps to be updated inline with current user journey

Thank you for using online booking system. Now:

  • Our sales representative will contact you and confirm your requirements;
  • The Otis technical team will visit your project site to measure the dimensions and site conditions in line with code requirements and Otis standards;
  • The sales representative will update you on the results of site visit and brief you on any site modifications that are required to be made by you and any product deviations to be done by Otis;
  • Based on this, the sales representative will negotiate price and share information on the installation process as well as commercial and other terms and conditions ;
  • Otis will provide you with the final agreement to be entered into between you and Otis in relation to the purchase and installation of the Gen2® Prime elevator; and
  • After the execution of the final agreement, the order will be treated as finalised and accepted.
  • How soon can the lift be delivered to the project site?

    Following the submission of Online Booking requirements by you, an Otis sales representative will finalise the order with you and sign the agreement. Upon the execution of the order finalisation agreement between Otis and you, a general arrangement drawing will be submitted for your approval. Based on your confirmation of the drawing, site requirement for delivery and meeting the payment terms, the Gen2® Prime elevators will be scheduled to be manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Bengaluru. The standard delivery lead time from the date of scheduling to the material reaching your site in approximately seven (7) weeks.

    What is the warranty period?

    The Gen2® Prime comes with a no cost warranty period of twelve (12) months. The warranty period commences upon the installation and commissioning of the Gen3® Nova or Gen2® Prime in your building. All other relevant details and information related to warranty are detailed in the final agreement.

    How can I purchase the service package for the elevator?

    asic details on the Gold and Silver service packages and the standard price is available on this website. The service packages can be finalised with the sales representative as part of the order finalization of your elevator.

    Does online booking guarantee me an elevator as per the price and the terms given online?

    The online booking is intended for you to configure your elevator and submit your requirements from anywhere and at anytime. The price is based on standard product and hoistway specifications. It is not intended to guarantee an elevator at any price or terms.

    Immediately upon submitting your requirements online, an Otis sales representative will contact you and progress your purchase process. He / she will carry out a site visit to measure the actual site dimensions and understand from you any additional features that you may require. He / She will inform you of any site modifications to be done by you or any product deviations from Otis. Based on this the sales representative will also negotiate with you the price, payment terms and other commercial terms of sale. All these factors will determine the final negotiated price, payment terms, etc. which will be captured in the final agreement that will be executed between you and Otis.

    Is the price displayed negotiable?

    The price displayed on the website is based on the configuration and finish you have selected and based on standard product and building hoistway specifications. The final price will be provided by our sales representative based on site visit and discussions with you.

    What is the purpose of the booking deposit of ₹10,000? Is it refundable?

    The amount of ₹10,000 is a booking deposit which is 100% refundable. The deposit enables you to get a no cost upgrade of your choice when you finalise the elevator order with our sales representative. We have two no cost upgrade options for you: (1) No cost service for the first three months; or (2) A mirror in the back-panel of your elevator cab.

    The booking deposit will be applied against the purchase price of the elevator and is fully refundable if you decide not to purchase the elevator. It is not an advance for the purchase of Gen2® Prime.